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About the Family
(This web site is currently under constuction)
Last Updated 1/17/2010

The Gambino Family is the Newest & Best Mafia Family on Yoville. In order to become a member of the family, you MUST be Honest & Loyal to this family. You can NOT be a part of our family, if you are a member of any other Mafia family. There is a one time fee of 300 coins to join. This entitles you to many family benefits once you are accepted into the family. In order to be recognised as a member of the Gambino Family, you MUST change your Yoville character name to include the surname Gambino. Click Here for Detailed Instructions
This way, all other family members will know that you are part of the family and add you to their buddy list.
When you see a Gambino family member on Yoville, you should add them to your buddy list. However, before adding them, It is highly recommended that you check our Family Group page to insure that they are indeed a family member, and not an imposter or a Spy. You can also check the list of family members below.
There is ONE Exception which will be allowed to anyone who wants to join, but doesn't want to add the Gambino surname.
A one time fee of 1100 coins must be paid. (This helps to purchase bonus gifts for our Gambino Gift Fairy)
DONATIONS are Always Greatly Appreciated for our Gambino Gift Fairy

Here are a few of the many benefits to family members:
You will receive a 100 coin recruitment bonus for every new member that you recruit into the family. Recruitment bonuses are paid to you immmediately after your recruit pays their fee & have changed their surname to Gambino. Please make certain that the person you are recruiting, is indeed Honest & Loyal, because YOU are the one vouching for this new family member and it would be very bad on you if you are recruiting a lot of folks who are NOT Honest & Loyal to our family

We will be hosting many Parties, Sales, and Auctions where you might be asked to help out.
You will be paid for helping at these events if you are asked to help.
If you ever need anything, this is a family and the Family Helps Family.
Family members are Prohibited from making a profit on another family member.
We are Family, and as Family members, we should do our best to help find items for one another at the best possible price.

Every family member gets their own email account at GambinoFamily.info
You can request your free family email account by going to http://gambinofamily.info/familyemailaccount
You can access your email by going to http://gambinofamily.info/webmail
Your User Name will be your complete email address & the password will be the password you that you provided on the email request form.
Once there, you can change your password, enable a Box Trapper, and access several other cool features.
I would reccomend to Read Mail Using Horde, or Configure your own Mail Client to access your email account.
If you do not want to check this email account on a daily basis, you can easily create a forwarder to forward your family email to any email address that you want.
The Benefits of This: You can give this email address out to your YoVille buddies, rather than giving them your personal facebook email address.

If you have a family problem, you are to contact Gary Gambino
Gary Gambino can be contacted online in Yoville or via email.
To contact Gary Gambino via email, Click Here or address an email to

This EX-Luciano family member needed a little persuasion
to Join the Gambino Family organization